GPS Watch Reviews

GPS Watch Reviews

I have been lucky enough to review a number of GPS watches over the past year. Sometimes  I am sent these watches to review and sometimes these watches receive such good press that I simply have to buy them to see what the fuss is all about!

If you are in the process of choosing a GPS running, cycling or triathlon watch then the following in-depth reviews should be a good place to start, as I test each product thoroughly so that you don’t have to do the testing yourself.

Note: The Star ratings next to each review represent how reliable, easy to use and practical each watch is and does not compare the level of functionality each watch offers compared to another. Having said that, if a watch is missing something pretty important that all the other watches have then that is reflected by a lower rating.

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TomTom GPS Watch Reviews

TomTom Runner Watch Review here

The New TomTom RunnerSimplicity and ease of use are the name of the game when it comes to the TomTom Runner. Based on the Nike+ Sportwatch, TomTom have updated their new edition with a better GPS sensor and stuck to their “simple is better” approach. Ideal for casual runners, the lack of features makes this a basic watch that those used to Garmin Forerunners will find lacking. Having said that, if you are sick of waiting outside in the cold for a signal prior to a run then this is the gadget for you!

Nike GPS Watch Reviews

Nike SportWatch GPS Review here

Nike SportsWatch GPS Watch

The first GPS watch to be created by Nike is perfect for recreational runners who need something stylish and simple to use. The Nike+ on-line running community is the most slick and user friendly out of all the training websites and Nike give you virtual trophies and motivational videos when you complete your running goals. A great feature of the Nike GPS watch is that you can download 5k, 10k, Half or Full Marathon training plans from Nike straight to the watch. It will then prompt you to run the required distance that the schedule dictates on the correct days in order to train you up for your desired race distance.

Garmin GPS Watch Reviews

The Forerunner 610 Advanced GPS Watch 

The Forerunner 610 is the most advanced GPS running watch on the market. It has a full functional touch screen interface thatGarmin Forerunner 610 GPS Watch allows for quick navigation of its many features. Although not suitable for triathlon (not water proof) it is fully compatible with bike cadence and speed sensors, and also is the only Garmin to allow you to switch in-between running and cycling modes. Unlike any other Forerunners you can race a virtual cyclist as well as a virtual runner and can set up and store a wide variety of custom workouts with custom vibration and sound alerts. Made partially out of metal the watch is both durable, comfortable and professional looking as well as being one of the most advanced GPS watches on the market.

Forerunner 410

An updated version of the two year old Forerunner 405 with an improved touch sensitive bezel, GPS sensor and firmware. Aimed at experienced runners, every feature that you will ever need is packed into this sports watch. Track over 30 training indicators, race against a virtual coach, combine with a cycle cadence sensor, set-up advanced interval workouts and dissect every run in incredible detail using the on-line Garmin Connect training portal.

Forerunner 210

Garmin Forerunner 210The most easy to use GPS watch in the Forerunner Range. It gives you all the essential training metrics without the high price tag of other advanced watches. Not a great watch for anyone looking for a cycling watch but this is more than enough for the casual runner as it includes important metrics such as Average Pace as well as Current Pace. Like the 410 the 210 also incluses the most accurate Calorie counter out of all the GPS watches and can be turned into a very powerful training tool with the help of the Garmin Connect online training portal.

Forerunner 305

A Forerunner for runners and cyclists that need four training indicators displayed on the watch face (unlike the three that the other Forerunners offer)

Forerunner 405

The best selling Forerunner to date. Although it is over three years old now the Forerunner 405 offers most of the features of the advanced 410 but at half the price.

Forerunner 110

An entry level sports watch suitable for runners who just want the very basics from a GPS watch. Simple and easy to use but lacks essential features such as average pace that regular runners will find they need to know when out running.

Timex GPS Watch Reviews

IronMan Global Trainer

Timex IronMan Global Trainer

One of the most advanced GPS watch on the market to date. Not only does it offer a wide range of Training metrics but it is also waterproof to 50m and has a large display. Perfect for Triathletes, you can set the watch up to automatically switch between sports and can customise virtually every training indicator that the watch records. Also offers a powerful on-line training portal for recording and tracking aspects of your fitness such as health and diet as well as your running, cycling and swimming.

Suunto GPS Watch Reviews

Suunto Quest

The Suunto Quest is an advanced heart rate monitor that you can hook up to either a GPS pod or a Footpod in order to keep track of

your distance. The best thing about the Suunto Quest is that it tells you exactly how intense your training is and how much recovery time you need after each run. You can also download training plans to the watch and it will tell you exactly how close to your daily mileage or intensity goal you are during your run. The new and Improved Suunto MovesCount online training portal is incredibly social and easily rivals Garmins Connect portal

T3D GPS Watch

Suunto T3dThe most professional looking GPS watch ont he market. This advanced GPS watche from Suunto the T3d is nothing like any other GPS watch as it tracks your long term fitness automatically and lets you know exactly how hard you need to push yourself on each run in order to meet your pre-determined long term fitness goals. The watch recognizes when you become fitter and adjusts its ‘training intensity’ display so keep pushing you towards your goals. Also a very professional looking watch that is much more stylish and way to understand than any other GPS watch due to graphical as well as numerical displays.

Suunto Core Watch [Rating=3]

The only reason that I have given the Suunto Core a 3/5 rating is because it is aimed at the adventurer rather than the runner or triathlete. This amazing little bit of kits can tell you the direction your are running, the altitude and air pressure as well as the depth you are diving too, but is lacking in GPS sensors and tracking. The Suunto Core is a nice little watch for the multi-sporter though

Polar GPS Watches

I have only recently started reviewing Polar watches so here is the collection so far:

Polar FT7 

The Polar FT7 is a simple and good value for money heart rate monitor watch that tells you if you are fat burning or training your fitness. The watch is not GPS enabled but I have marked it down for other reasons such as the lack of a lap/split functionality. The watch is waterproof to 30m and is available in four colours in a professional and understated design so if that is the kind of thing that you are after then this may be the watch for you.

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