Tips for Staying Motivated at the Gym

Do you want to get in shape this year, but are you having trouble staying motivated? For most people who go to a Houston gym, motivation is the main hurdle that they have to get over. They have the time to go to the gym and they are physically able to do the exercise and even enjoy it. The issue is purely mental. They just have to convince themselves to want to come to the gym often enough, and to work out hard enough, that they get the results that they want. If you are struggling with this, here are some tips that can help you out.

1. Set short-term goals.
If you want to lose 30 pounds, it could be overwhelming. The trick is not to think about losing all 30, but just to think about that first five pounds. After you get there, think about the next five. It is easier to do it in pieces, and you will eventually get to where you really want to be.

2. Look at before and after pictures.
Sometimes, you can get a lot of motivation by looking at pictures of other people, even if you do not know them, who have gotten in better shape. If you are just trying to drop 20 pounds and you see a picture of someone who lost 150 pounds, that will really push you. If they can do it, surely you can, too.

3. Get a personal trainer.
A personal trainer is a surefire way to get in shape because he or she will push you past what you would do on your own. When you want to get off of the treadmill, he will make you stay on for that extra minute. He will also be able to show you different exercises that you may not have known about, and the two of you could devise a workout place that focuses directly on your goals.

4. Tell someone else about your goals.
Finally, telling someone that you are trying to get in shape can help to keep you accountable. It is easy to back out of your goals when no one else knew that you were trying to do it because you just have to rationalize it to yourself. If they know what you are trying to do and you know that they will ask how it is going, you cannot back out.

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