A simple guide to getting out of a winter workout rut

During the winter months, it’s easy to go into hibernation mode. The days become shorter, the nights longer and your belly fills with warm winter carbs. In the summer you were an exercise powerhouse, but now you’re lethargic and tired, wanting to stay in the warm, watching TV and scoffing comfort food. Does this description sound like you? Don’t despair, here’s a simple guide to help you get out of your winter workout rut.

Baby, it’s cold outside

You don’t have to go to the gym to get your fix, the most rewarding work out sessions are the fun ones!  If the gym does not inspire you, have you thought about taking up an indoor competitive sport? Many people stop exercising during the winter because their sport is not in season. Identify what you enjoyed when you got moving during those blissful summer months. Were you an avid football player? A roller skating junkie? A rugby fanatic? All of these sports are best practised in the summer months, but you can still play them inside. Organise a group of your friends and rent an inside space.  If you can’t round up a herd to play with you, consider taking up pre-organised sports such as ice skating, swimming, rock climbing, boxing, martial arts and indoor tennis. Not only will you have picked up a new hobby, you’ll be sheltered from adverse weather conditions. Your muscles will thank you for that. If you have a family, check out these tips of some child friendly indoor games to play during the winter season.

It’s all about that H20

Staying hydrated is just as important now as it was in the summer. During the winter, we are more likely to have colds and pick up bacteria, causing a drop in our wellbeing and willingness to exercise. Studies have shown that water that has been filtered actually optimizes your general wellbeing. The purification process filters out the stuff you don’t want to be drinking like limescale and other sediments. What’s more, did you know that drinking water has been through the systems of, on average, six different people before it gets to our homes? Ew. If you want to dodge lime scale and dirt in your water, invest in a good water filter such as these. The K5 Pure + is recommended for sporty types, as it actually adds calcium and other minerals that you need; which is important during a draining winter spell.

Go steady on the eggnog

We all like a bit of merry-making. During Christmas, we are all guilty of having one too many and dancing on a table or two. Although fun and relaxing, drinking alcohol can really pack on the pounds. Don’t believe me? Only one pint of beer is 170kcal. Ouch. And let’s not forget the morning after a messy night. The after effects of drinking liquor can leave us with an aversion to exercise, as well as craving a mandatory fry up in order to feel human again.

Right gear, no fear

If you’re determined to keep up your winter jogging ritual, you’ll need to invest in thermal running gear. Yes, the right workout outfit can give you confidence and motivation, but more importantly it’s vital if you want to brave the outside world in the cold.  Millet Sports has a sale on at the moment for their winter running gear. A favourite from their range is the ‘Essential Windstopper’, a light jacket perfect for battling against the elements. Stylish and lightweight, it comes in lots of different colours – great for looking good while you’re powering through the streets. Make sure to match it with thermal tights to really warm your cockles.

Get a workout buddy

Rest assured, you are not the only person on the planet who has become slack with their exercise routine. If one of your friends has moaned to you over a cuppa about her lax attitude during the winter, then you need to recruit her as your workout wing-woman. You can be each other’s emotional crux during the winter months and you can even give her the spare key to your home to ensure there is no (metaphorical) running away from working out – even on a cold Sunday morning. Your bed can’t hog you forever, you know. Well… it can, but you shouldn’t let it.

Media can motivate you

Are you already doing all of the above but still feel unmotivated? Perhaps you need a music overhaul. Rock up your playlist with upbeat, fast tunes. If you’re in need of more ideas, download Spotify and follow other people’s work out playlists.

Alternatively, you could do what Rocky and the kids in Coach Carter did, listen to a number of motivational speeches about greatness right before your workout. To quote Facing the Giants “Don’t quit, keep driving, give it your very best!” Be grateful that your personal trainer doesn’t make you crawl on the floor with someone on your back.

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