Don’t let the snow ruin your running

If you’ve spent the summer running around Hyde Park, Hampstead Heath, Clapham Common or one of the capital’s many other fine parks, you may be wondering what to do now the days are closing in and the cold is making outdoor training a less attractive option. Exercise levels tend to drop throughout the population during winter, but there’s no reason why you can’t carry on exercising indoors at this time.


Cardio Workouts

London LA Fitness Gyms offer city residents superb options for working out, whether your preference is for cardio, lifting weights, yoga or core conditioning. A range of treadmills, cycling machines and cross trainers are just the thing for continuing cardio workouts during winter. Facilities include machines from Technogym, world leaders in fitness equipment, including innovative Kinesis resistance equipment in several clubs. Popular equipment also includes the Keiser Striders, elliptical machines that offer a great cardio workout for all major muscle groups while also allowing full flexibility when it comes to speed and resistance. Concept2 rowers are perfect for all-over body toning that combines building strength and stamina.

Building Strength

Options for building strength include weight machines that target different areas, including arms, legs and abdominals. Fixed weight machines are ideal for novices as well as more experienced trainers, as they direct you to use the correct technique safely. Lifting free weights helps to develop balance and co-ordination as well as strength, while kettlebells are rapidly growing in popularity due to their ability to combine a full cardio workout with strength and flexibility development.

Functional Training and Classes

Further options for working out include designated areas and classes for specific activities. Functional training zones contain equipment such as foam rollers and medicine balls to build strength for various sports and activities. Spin classes are carried out in specialised spin studios, while other studios offer a range of free fitness classes. There are also ladies only areas in some gyms.

Fitness classes include everything from intensive cardio sessions such as aerobics and step to flexibility workouts such as Pilates and targeted conditioning classes. Other cardio classes include fast-paced circuits, where different exercises are carried out at different stations, and Body Attack interval training sessions. For those that like to get their heart pumping as they learn some funky moves, Body Jam and Zumba are just the thing, while Body Combat sessions combine aerobics with martial arts moves. Water aerobics in the pool is ideal for those wanting a low impact cardio class.

Mind and Body

The capital can be a stressful place, so whether you want to release your aggression through Boxercise or channel your energies into an Iyengar yoga or Hatha yoga class, there are plenty of options for releasing tension and finding your inner calm, all carried out in a fun and supportive environment. The range of yoga classes extends from gentler flexibility and stretching sessions to faster-paced Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga classes. The range of classes means that there is always something new to try at LA Fitness, so why not take advantage of indoor training and complement your usual workout with something different?


It may be too cold to take a dip in one of London’s outdoor pools during the winter, but at LA Fitness there are superb indoor pools where you can have a good workout or simply stretch after intensive training or smooth out the stresses of the day. The pools offer group and one-to-one swimming lessons for adults. You can also take part in water aerobics and aqua-fit classes.

Reaching your Fitness Goals

Winter is an ideal time to take stock of your training routine and fitness goals, and what better way to do this than in conjunction with a personal trainer? All LA Fitness personal trainers are highly qualified and experienced. They work with you to tailor workouts to your needs, offer support and motivation, and help to formulate personalised achievable goals. Personal trainers can also offer nutrition tips as well as specialisations in areas such as weight management and injury recuperation.

So don’t let the winter weather interrupt your training – with LA Fitness clubs in London you can continue to exercise and work towards your fitness goals.

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