Treadmill Running Benefits

With the nights drawing in and December fast approaching it is getting harder and harder to get outdoors for those essential long runs. Even the most die hard runners have trouble motivating themselves to run in sub zero conditions despite their best intentions but if you are struggling to don your running gear and grind out some winter miles then there is solution.


Treadmill running is not only great for you but can also keep your spirits up during those long winter months. Instead of having to invest in all sorts of thermal kit, head torches and train shoes, a cheap and cheerful gym membership will tide you over until the weather gets a bit more bearable!

Running on a treadmill generates 30% less impact then running on a hard surface like concrete or road. That is a significant amount less cumulative damage over the course of a marathon training program and could mean the difference between a show stopping injury and a personal best race time!

If you are confined to a city (like me) then running on a treadmill has even more benefits. Not only can you vary the slope and angle of the surface to replicate a hills session or undulating trail but you can also run at a continuous preset pace without having to stop for people, traffic or crossings. You would be surprised how often you have to stop when city running; not something that gives you the best training benefit for your session. If you are thinking of buying a treadmill then make sure that the model you chose allows you to change the belt incline. Click here for a huge range of treadmills from that allow you to do this.

Treadmills are also great for controlling your weekly running mileage. If you are recovering from an injury then increasing your distance and time in a measured way is essential so that you can see how your body reacts to exercise. Even if you are new to running, being able to see how your body responds to the rigors of your new training program is much easier using a treadmill due to the controlled environment it allows.

Although many experienced runners turn their noses up at treadmill running and say that it doesn’t accurately reflect a real outdoor training session, most will have used a treadmill on more than one occasion. Given a choice between missing an outdoor run due to bad weather and jumping on a treadmill for a quick 5k sprint, most would chose the latter.

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