The best new running shoes for spring 2013

Having the right running shoes for your feet is important, not just for comfort but for providing the support that will reduce your risk of common aches and strains. Without going into too much detail about the pronation of the foot (you can find out more in this helpful video), the foot needs the right kind of support to deal with the stresses of running, but even then there will be points of personal preference and style that effect your choice of running shoe. Choosing the right pair of runners should therefore be something which is given plenty of time and consideration.

New technology is being developed all the time in the world of running shoes – some systems prove to be no more than gimmicks, while others do represent a step-change in shoe manufacturing. Here we look at some of the latest offerings for spring 2013, and while we always recommend taking the advice of a specialist running shop, once you’ve decided on your shoe take some time to shop around with high street retailers such as Debenhams - you may find the same shoe at a bargain price elsewhere.

Asics Gel-Kayano 19 

The Gel-Kayano has always been a light shoe, but the 19th version is lighter than ever with thinner uppers made from fewer layers of mesh. The support for which the Kayano is known still remembers despite this slimming down, and the gel sole provides substantial impact cushioning. However, its lightness and flexibility means it’s not the most stable shoe on the market.

Adidas Supernova Glide 5

The range of stability features and good durability in the Supernova Glide 5 make it a real workhorse of a shoe. The heel has an independent crash pad to absorb the pressure ofthe strike and a plastic shank down the midfoot for extra support. It’s an evolution of theprevious shoe, with a lower collar to ease rubbing on the ankles.

Nike Lunar Eclipse+ 3

One thing Nike does exceptionally well is uppers, and the Lunar Eclipse+ 3 is extremely snug, yet thick threads connected directly to the sole allow it to largely steer clear of overlays, making it a very comfortable fit. A solid heel cup provides plenty of support yetthe shoe remains nimble and fast.

New Balance 890 V3

A long-term heavyweight in the running shoe market, New Balance has reconfigured theoutsole for its latest 890, adding more flexibility to the traditionally wide-toed New Balance style. Solid cushioning provides not only plenty of shock absorption, but a responsive feeling in the toe which makes for an efficient running experience.

Brooks Ravenna 4

It may look a bit garish, but the Brooks Ravenna 4 delivers incredible stability considering it is also extremely lightweight. The major tweaks come in the upper, with an elasticated band across the midfoot to provide a more secure fit in the arch and extra stability, while there is also added flexibility in the toe.

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