Why Workout Anyway?

The real question is, why do you want to workout in a gym and waste your time and money if you are not going to give it everything you can?

The minute the some people walk through the door of the gym seem to forget the real reason they are there. Some people want to look good, others want to socialise and some want to convince themselves they are working hard so they don’t feel too sorry for themselves a month later when they quit the gym quoting bad genes as their reason for not progression.

The truth is that the gym is only a small part of getting in shape and most of your body changing regime should revolve around diet and recovery time. With that in mind, it should be obvious that the thirty minute workout you commit to should be a no-nonsense lung buster regardless that leaves you wondering how you ever managed a full hour in the gym four days per week.

The Three Minute Workout

Whatever you are training for, whether it’s fitness strength or power, try a break from your usually workout. Perform just three exercises each for three minutes and repeat that workout three times per week for two weeks.

Start with Burpees

These start with you in the press-up position, then you spring your legs forward so that your knees are near your chest and you jump straight up in the air with your arms stretched above your head. Do these in thirty second bursts for three minutes with ten second intervals after every thirty seconds of hard work. You might think this is a waste of time if you are used to working out with weights and you are concentrating on power, size or both, but try to say that after your first three minutes.

Follow Up with Clean and Jerk

A clean and jerk is what power lifters do when they quickly lift a barbell from the floor to shoulder height and then press the weights until their hands are extended above their head. You don’t need to be a strong person to perform this because you can literally do this with the bar alone and have no weights. In fact, it’s wise to go with a low weight because this is an energy sapper that will burn most people out around the fifth set of thirty seconds on anything heavier than their bottom weight.

Finish with Squats

A squat is when you start with a barbell across your shoulders and lower your body into a seated position, keeping your head tilted backwards and looking up for safety. Perform as many as possible for thirty seconds and finish the six sets of thirty seconds with as much power and strength as possible. This should be your strongest exercise, but you should be at breaking point if you have given your all during the first two moves.

Most people report increased blood flow and quicker recovery rates after two weeks of these workouts and if you blast through these with the intensity they deserve, you have reduced your gym time to around fifteen minutes. Sound like it’s not enough? Try it and see for yourself.

Stephen Peterson is a former bodybuilder who runs a gym with several successful MMA fighters training under his strength, power lifting and sports nutrition instruction. He firmly believes that training, rest and diet are all equally important to an athelete regardless of their sport.

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