Beginner Running Tips

As the January fitness kicks start to gain momentum and people begin thinking about which races they would like to enter in 2013, it is worth going through a few golden rules of running. All too often, newbie runners start out with the best intensions in mind but either approach their training in the wrong way, don’t equip themselves with the correct gear or don’s maximise their training. Follow these there top running tops to ensure that your 2013 running career is long lived and injury free.

Running Shoes

Time and time again I people running in poor quality shoes. Converse, pumps or casual shoes are not adequate running footwear and running in such shoes is a fast track way to injury.

Ensuring that you run in the correct style and fit of running shoe for your specific gait is one of the most important (if not the most important) things that you can do. If you don’t know the difference between under and over pronation then take yourself off to a proper running shoe store where they will be able to analyse your running style in minute detail to advise you on the proper trainers. It may be that you are flat footed and running in a support style shoe is the only way that you can make sure that you reduce the risk of join damage and tendon injury from improper running form.

Start off slowly

It may be that you feel you can quickly increase your training distances without any reporcussions. It may be that you are proficient at another sport such as football, rugby or hockey and therefore have a good level of base fitness. This is all well and good but your body is still not used to running long distances. If you dont slowly build up your training mileage then you are inviting injury as you need to give yourself time to adapt.

Running every day is another sure way to injury as your body needs enough downtime to rebuild and adapt. Leaving 48 hours between intense training sessions is highly recommended, especially in your first few weeks of training

Mix Up Your Training

Many people think that if they run the same route every day, at the same speed, then their fitness will improve. This may be true in the short run but you will quickly adapt to your speed and distance, limiting your fitness gains. To make sure that your fitness is continually improving you should undertake different kinds of training sessions including hill running, sprints, track work and longer slower runs

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