Asics Nimbus 14 Review

The Nimbus range is one Asics most popular offerings. The line is almost as established as the company itself and over the past decade has gone from strength to strength as one of the highest performing and well known cushioned running shoes for neutral and under-pronators.

Asics Gel Nimbus 14

The Asics brand stands for “healthy living, health mind” and is the worlds largest and most popular specialist running shoe brand, producing trainers for pronators, under-pronators, natural and natural runners. Asics is a company that really listens to its customers and this is why every new shoe builds on the last to provide excellent performance using the latest in running shoe technology.

Nimbus 13 Recap

The 13 benefited from some tweaks that were designed to improve the overall ride of the model. Asics focused on making small changes without altering the fit or feel of the shoe too much so that those runners who had grown up with the shoe line would not be alienated. As such, the Nimbus 13 was upgraded with a lighter more durable outsole material as well as more plush gel cushioning throughout the heel. Other changes included a more grippy outsole to better handle varied conditions and provide traction in all but the wettest of conditions whilst at the same time shedding over ¾ of an ounce from the weight of the shoe compared to the previous model.

Nimbus 14 Review

So what is new about the Nimbus 14? Asics have really gone to town on this new model and they have given the shoe a complete overhaul that changes its fit and feel, all in the name of efficiently and weight loss.

The first big difference between the 13 and the 14 is that there has been some serious extra weight loss that makes the shoe lighter and therefore more comfortable to run in. The midsole has been lowered by 1mm to reduce the weight whilst not reducing the amount of cushioning provided and this combined with a new style heel guard lowers the mas further. The midsole and outsole are also decoupled, meaning that there is more movement in the shoe as well as a significant reduction in the amount of constricting material used  – making for a lighter ride.

As well as a lighter shoe the 14 is also a more comfortable shoe. Asics have moved away from their “one size fits all” methodology of past years with recent additions of moldable heel modules that feature in all their top end lines. This gives a personalized and supportive fit that should accommodate most runners.

Along with the massive gains in comfort and weightloss, the Nimbus Gel 14 also features some of the popular technologies from its predecessor. The Guidance line is one of Asics flagship technologies and features in their high end shoes. The Guidance Line is effectively a groove running down the center of the trainer from rear to front that encourages the foot to follow the most efficient gait possible as your move through the gait cycle. This groove literally guides the foot from heel stroke to toe off and works hard to keep your running efficient even when you are running tired.

In summary, this Asics Nimbus 14 review has looked at the latest creation in one of the worlds most popular cushioned running shoe lines and has examined some of the new technologies as well as revisiting some old favorites. The trainer is a good option for heavyset runners who prefer more cushioning to a flexible ride but great gains have been made in terms of comfort and weight from the previous model.

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