Light Running Shoes

The big running shoe manufacturers seem to be placing a big emphasis on weight when it comes to new running shoe releases. It seems that every new shoe that is released try’s to be just that little bit lighter than either its previous version or its competitors and there seems to be no end to the new materials and manufacturing techniques that the big companies are employing to shave those extra few oz or grams from the sole, midsole or upper.

Nike Free Run+ 2 Light Running Shoe

Nike Free Run+ 2 Light Running Shoe

The reason for the release of all these lightweight shoes seems to be due to the barefoot running trend. For years, there was a large divide between conventional runners and barefoot runners, and there was a distinctive split between the two different types of running shoes that each ‘camp’ employed. 90% of the running population liked the idea of a more natural way of running, but disliked the idea of running with nothing but their feet – and rightly so! The past few months have seen an array of new types of ‘natural running shoes’ hit the market, which bridge the gap between conventional trainers and barefoot running. These new style trainers are both flexible and lightweight and so are geared towards following your foots natural movement as you run. This lightweight concept seems to have spread into both the road running world and the track running world, with several top athletes such as Jessica Ennis and Jennifer Simpson being quoted as saying that lightweight shoes are better running shoes.

Lighter may mean faster, but there is a tradeoff between weight and support when it comes to most shoes. If you are looking for a trainer that is going to keep your pronation in check as well as offering a good amount of cushioning then you should think twice about buying a super lightweight natural running trainer and instead should opt for a lightweight conventional. Failing that then you should be prepared to pay a premium for a trainer that offers support as well as being incredibly light.

Below are a list of some of the most recent running shoes that have been released in time for this autumn and their corresponding weight as well as a link to a RunTheLine review if one exists.

Light Running Shoes:


Nike Free Run+ 2                                     Weight  - 8.9 oz

Adidas ClimaCool Ride                             Weight   – 9.0 oz

Newton Motus                                          Weight   – 9.0 oz

Asicc Blur 33                                            Weight   – 9.9 oz



Nike LunarGlide 3                                    Weight – 9.5 oz


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