Adidas CLIMACOOL Ride Review

Adidas CLIMACOOL Ride Review

The Adidas Climacool Ride shoes are highly ventilated and very flexible running shoes aimed at those runners who want a more natural ride. Instead of a very ridged and very chunky style conventional running shoe design, the Climacool Ride shoes have been engineered to be lightweight, breathable and as responsive so that the runner is given as close to a barefoot ride as possible without he barefoot part! This Adidas Climacool Ride review is going to look at some of the main features of the shoe as well as giving a runners opinion as to how it handles out in the field.

Adidas Climacool Ride - Available in 31 Colours

Adidas ClimaCool Ride – Available in 31 Colours


To kick things off I want to talk a little bit about the shoes cushioning. When it comes to conventional running shoe, there are a wide variety of options for a shoe manufacturer to choose from. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks but can define the shoes feel, flexibility and performance. When Adidas were designing the Climacool Ride they wanted to make the shoe as flexible and free flowing as possible, but without compromising on the all important cushioning that protects a runner from the harmful impact that causes injuries such as stress fractures and joint wear. What they decided to do was to use an ultra lightweight and flexible material called adiPRENE to form a layer of cushioning between the outsole and midsole of the shoe. This material is springy and flexible, which means that the shoe is not only able to move in line with your foot but it also provides a fast and responsive platform to run off.


One of the main selling points of the Adidas Climacool Ride is its ventilation properties. Having good airflow around your foot has many benefits and ultimately makes you feel as if you are running in a lighter airier trainer.

Adidas have worked ventilation into every area of the shoe. Beginning at the top of the trainer they have incorporated an ultra fine mesh that not only allows air to circulate around the top of the foot, but its ultra soft properties mean that it reduces the scope for irritation when running.

Looking at the insert that Adidas have included in the shoe you can see several air holes that have been drilled. These holes lead right down to the outsole of the trainer and provide the route that allows the air to get to the base of your foot.

This complete 360 degree ventilation means that even in 90degree heat, your foot is kept cool. A cool foot means a dry foot, which in turn means that it is unlikely that you will experience any kind of rubbing or irritation due to moisture build up.

This is something that is very important if you will be using the shoes without socks, as the extra ventilation is something that is definitely needed if you are going to run without the moisture wicking properties of specialist running socks.


The fit of the shoe is very important and is even more so important when it comes to a natural running shoe such as the Climacool. Adidas have opted to give the shoe a slightly narrower fit then their other shoes. By offering a narrower fit, there is less scope for your foot to move when embedded within the shoe and therefore the potential for rubbing and irritation is reduced. This is an especially important feature of the Adidas Climacool shoes as the shoes move so freely that it is important they move as closely with your foot as possible. No less and no more.


No Adidas Climacool Ride shoe review would be complete if we didn’t talk about how the shoe performs in the field. Feedback regarding the shoes has been largely positive, with most runners liking the flexibility and the fit of the shoes as well as the ventilation. The shoes low heel profile means that you re encouraged to run on your forefoot instead of heel striking; reducing the amount of shock that passes through the foot and up the leg and thus the risk of injury.

The fact that there is no arch support in the Climacool Ride’s means that they are not suitable for flat footed runners and if you have anything but a neutral gait you will be putting undue pressure on the fragile cushioning. Extra pressure means extra wear and so you will only be able to squeeze a few months of running out of the trainers. If you are a neutral runner then you will be able to stretch the life of the Climacool Ride’s but if you are looking for a more durable natural running shoe then you might want to consider the Nike Free Run+2 or the Newton line of running shoes.

If we were conducting a Nike Free Run+ 2 vs Adidas Climacool review then there wouldn’t be a lot to chose from between the two shoes. Both have a low heel profile, flexible sole and responsive cushioning, but the Adidas shoes have a larger focus placed on ventilation whereas the Nike Free Run+ 2 trainers are made to be slightly more durable but slightly heavier.

That concludes this Adidas Climacool Ride review. Representing Adidas’s first foray into the natural running shoe line, they provide great flexibility, ventilation and responsive cushioning whilst at the same time being light and made to encourage a more natural way of running


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