Brooks Ghost 4 Review

The Ghost 4 is the long awaited update to the Ghost 3. It is mid range cushioned shoe that is suitable for road runners who have a neutral gait and who are after a shoe that offers a personalised fit as well as reactive protection.Unlike most other shoes, the midsole of the shoe is also made from an eco friendly material.

Brooks Ghost 4 Running Shoe

Brooks Ghost 4 Running Shoe

Brooks have added several new technologies to their new Brooks Ghost 4 whilst keeping some of the popular features from the previous model. Runners who used to run in Ghost 3’s will be more than happy with the new Ghost 4’s as the improvements that Brooks have made to the shoes doesn’t alter their actual fit, and only improves their performance.

The first and most important update that Brooks have made to the shoe is by including their widely acclaimed DNA technology into the heel and fore foot of the Ghost 4. ‘DNA Technology’ is a fancy name for a material that reacts to the differing amounts of pressure placed upon it when you are running. The harder you run, the harder the material works to absorb the shocks that occur when your foot hits the floor. This high performance cushioning acts as an additional guard against impact related injuries such as stress fractures and joint damage. If we were conducting a Brooks Ghost 3 vs Brooks Ghost 4 review then we would have to say that this update in itself is a top reason why you should upgrade, as the new shoe offers more protection without any extra weight or compromise in performance.

Another nifty addition to the Brooks Ghost 4 is the Omega Flex Grooves in the sole of the shoe. These grooves are in the shape of the Greek Omega symbol and mean that when you are stationary they sole of the shoe is strong and ridged, but when you are running these grooves open out and allow the shoe to flex with your foot. There is large amount of press at the moment surrounding more natural styles of running and it seems that running shoe companies are reacting to the desire from the running community for shoes that are as lightweight and flexible as possible. A more flexible sole makes for a shoe that allows your foot to move in a more natural way.

Staying focused on the sole of the shoe, the Brooks Ghost 4 has an advanced caterpillar ‘crash pad’ built into its heel. The caterpillar section of the track is made up of circular shaped pads that offer unparalleled grip no matter what angle hits the ground. This is one of the reasons that the Ghost 4 can offer a personalized fit without the high price tag.

This caterpillar track pad also means that the shoe offers an extremely smooth heel to toe transition. This encourages efficient running and gives the wearer a smooth and fast ride.

The Midsole of the Ghost 4 is where Brooks have made their next update. Many Ghost 4 reviews center on this aspect of the shoe as it is a great feature that not many other running shoe companies offer. Brooks have created a midsole material that degrades 50x faster than conventional materials in landfill. This makes the Ghost 4’s one of the most environmentally friendly shoes on the market.

As we have seen, Brooks have made quite a few changes when it came to designing the new Ghost 4’s, but they still kept one or two parts of the old shoe that made it so popular with runners. The universal arch section of the shoe is meant to offer a snug for most arch shapes and reduces the scope for irritation in this area when you are running.

That concludes this Brooks Ghost 4 review. The shoe has been updated with a number of new features that make is a great choice for any neutral runner who is looking for a solid training shoe that offers an unparalleled level of personalized fit, without the high price tag of some of Brooks’ other running shoe lines.

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