Brooks Trance 10 Review

The Brooks Trance 10 is the most premium of all the structured cushioning shoes the Brooks offers. No expense has been spared when designing this shoe and it has been engineered to include all of the top of the line technologies that Brooks has developed over the past few years. This Brooks Trance 10 Review is going to examine some of these tops features and explain how they can have a positive impact on your running.

Caterpillar Crash Pad for a Smooth Ride.

The Brooks Trance 11 has a unique sole shape and layout. The patented Caterpillar Crash Pad that Brooks talks about so much involves engineering the sole of the shoe so that it resembles small rings of sole instead of the normal large track pads that we are used to seeing on normal trainers. Brooks has lined the entirety of the perimeter of the sole of the shoe with this caterpillar design which not only improves the flexibility of the shoe due to less material, but due to its circular design, also allows the shoe to maintain a smooth ride no matter what your level or pronation is. This reactive sole allows for an efficient stride from heel to toe, no matter what you degree of pronation.

Brooks Trance 10 Mens

Brooks Trance 10 Mens

DNA Cushioning

Brooks have lined the Trance 10 from heel to toe with their award winning DNA system. What this does is lines the key pressure points under your foot with gel cushioning. This special material then reacts to your foots changing levels of pressure to disperse shock and impact no matter how you run. This material gives customized cushioning in a off the shelf shoe and Brooks claim that there is nothing else on the market that gives a more personalized level of cushioning in a structured shoe.

Duel Layer Insole for Flexibility

The Insole of the Brooks Trance 10 Running shoe is made up of two layers that work together to absorb shock whilst at the same time allowing the shoe to move freely and efficiently from heel to toe off. This duel layer offers flexibility where you need it most without compromising on protection.

Diagonal Roll Bar for Dynamic Arch Support

There are three separate zones in the shoe that make up the support cushioning that the high end Brooks shoes are best known for. Moving across the sole from inside to out, the three zones sit side by side and each offers an increasing level of support than the last. Each zone has a different density of foam, which means that the shoe becomes progressively more supportive as your foot roles. This means that even when you are prone to more pronation that usual, say for example when running on very tired legs, then the shoe will react to your changing gait and will work hard to keep your pronation in check for as long as you are running.

Brooks Trance 10 Womens

Brooks Trance 10 Womens

Adjustable Eyelets for Comfort

Brooks have built extra flexibility into the eyelets of the shoe in order to ensure that the shoe stays fitting snugly to your foot whilst reducing the scope for irritation in the arch. Shoes like the Asics Kayano 17 support shoe have taken another approach and have completely moved the lacing to the side of the shoe (asymmetrical lacing). Both the Brooks and the Asics approach seem to work and both shoes haven’t received any negative feedback due to the new style of lacing that each shoe encompasses.

Brooks Trance 10 Review Summary

The Brooks Trance 10 is the most premium structured cushioning shoe offered by Brooks and incorporates some seriously high performing technologies. The DNA cushioning gives a high level of protection that is bespoke to every runner, whilst the horizontal roll bar means that no matter how tired you are and how much you pronate, the shoe always works hard to bring your foot back into line.

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