Timex IronMan Sleek Review

Timex IronMan Sleek Review (150 Lap)

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The latest version of the Timex IronMan Sleek watch is the 150 lap incarnation. With new tap screen technology, performance pacing, 100m water resistance and a large screen for real time feedback about your training the Timex IronMan Sleek is a top of the line sports watch that is aimed at the triathlete and multi-sporter. This Timex Sleek review will look at the individual features of the watch and how it performs during training.

Timex IronMan Sleek 150 Lap Orange

Timex IronMan Sleek 150 Lap Orange

Unlike other sports watches that are aimed at triathletes the Iron Man Sleek is thinner and more lightweight than other Timex watches. As it enjoys a thin profile, the watch stays closer to your wrist which makes it ideal for swimming. The watch is responsive when tapped even under water and a loud charm sounds on very lap that is easily audible underwater. Its closest touch screen competitor is the Garmin 410 which uses a touch sensitive bezel to control the watch. The problem with the Garmin 410 is that it is difficult to control when the bezel is wet so you are limited to just start/stop restart whereas with the Timex IronMan Sleek you can easily control the watches full functionality even when wet. Unlike the 410 you can even adjust the sensitivity settings if you prefer either a harder or softer tap.

Out on the road the Timex Sleek performed just as highly as in the swimming pool. The tap screen takes a bit of getting used to as force of habit mean that you look at the screen every time that you want to take a new split but after a while you start to build up confidence in the watch and tapping without looking becomes a matter of habit.

The large screen makes viewing your live training data easy when running at speed, in bright sunlight or in rain and means that you don’t need to spend half of your run glancing at your watch to check your stats.

The watch can store 150 laps in its quick recall memory. You can view each lap which is stored in date order or you can just see the fastest lap and average lap time.

A nice feature of the Timex Sleek is the ‘Target Time’ feature. You can set the time and distance that you would like to finish your race in and every time you click the lap button the watch then tells you exactly where you should be in terms of time. The watch feeds you this information ten seconds after you hit the lap button which means that you can still review the last lap’s data before the calculation of your target time and distance kicks in.

Timex IronMan Sleek 150 Lap Blue

Timex IronMan Sleek 150 Lap Blue

Another useful feature of the Timex Sleek is the water/food timer. You can preset the time or distance that you need to hydrate or eat some energy gels when on long training runs or races to prevent you from forgetting.

The Timex IronMan Sleek has an interval function that means you can program the watch to alert you every time you need to start a new rep. The watch alerts you with an alarm and it can count up to 16 laps including rest time. This takes the work out of structuring and recording an interval session and makes those tough sessions just a little bit more bearable!

Timex Sleek Review Summary

The Timex Sleek is a watch that has a wide range of features that make it a great choice for any triathlete, multi-sport athlete or for someone just looking for a high end sports watch that is suited for swimming.


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No Timex Sleek Review would be complete without telling you where to buy. Timex Sleek’s can be bought from the Timex website for full price or they are available much more cheaply from Amazon (direct linke below)

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