Timex IronMan Global Trainer Review

Timex IronMan Global Trainer GPS Watch Review

The Timex IronMan Global Trainer is a GPS watch with a difference. It is one of a select few GPS watches that is suitable for triathletes as well as open water swimmers and along with recording the largest range of training metrics out of any GPS watch, the Timex IronMan Global Trainer can display four of these metrics at any one time – meaning you have the largest amount of customisable training data at your fingertips out of any GPS sports watch. This Timex IronMan Global Trainer Review will analyse the main features of the watch and explain the difference between the Global Trainer and the Garmin Forerunner GPS Watches.


Timex IronMan Global Trainer

Performance Metrics

The Timex IronMan Global Trainer can record up to 45 performance indicators so you can track your training sessions to an incredible amount of detail. Along with the metrics that are standard to most sports watches such as time, distance and laps, the Timex Global Trainer can use its high sensitivity GPS to tell you distance, speed and pace as well as averages and maxes/minimums of all the above. If we were reviewing the Forerunner VS Global Trainer then we would say that the range of metrics that you can record on the Timex watch is vastly superior to wither the Forerunner 410, 210 or 405 and the Global Trainer really stands out when you take into account that it accurately records altitude, power output (bike) and cadence (bike).

Multi Sport Workouts

One of the main highlights of the Timex Global trainer is the ability to define custom multi sport workouts. You can program the distance of each sport as well as the sequence as well as stopping the watch in-between sports to allow for transition stages. The Global Trainer will prompt you to begin your next sport in the sequence when the time or distance is completed and will also tell you then the watch is paused in transition mode.

Performance Pacer

The Performance pacer is another high end feature of the Timex Global Trainer. This allows you to race against a previous workout or predefined workout and the watch tells you exactly how far behind or in front of your previous workout you are in terms of time and distance. This feature is great for race day practice as it gets you used to running at a constant pace in a competitive climate; only you are racing against yourself rather than other runners, cyclists or competitors!

Customized Workout Screens

Whether you are training for an IronMan triathlon or a 5km run, more information is better. The Timex IronMan Global Trainer lets you customize up to 5 screens of data to have whatever training metrics you want displayed. You can choose the four metrics that you want on each screen and can also name the screens so that you can easily remember what date fields are stored on what screen. During your workouts it is possible to change screens at the tap of a button which means that you can quickly view different metrics depending on what sport you are doing and what kind of training you are doing.

GPS Navigation

A Timex IronMan Global Trainer review wouldn’t be a review without going into all the features of the watch. One of the most abstract features of the Global Trainer is the ability to use the watch as a compass to find your way when out on long bike rides or when tracking or hiking. At a flick of a button the IronMan watch turns into a compass that you can then use in the same way as any other compass.


Timex IronMan Global Trainer Compass

The Global Trainer can also be used to find your way to pre determined waypoints. Once saved into the watches memory, the Global Trainer will then tell you exactly how far away the way point is and which direction you have to head in order to get there. This can be a very useful feature if you want to take your training off the beaten track as you can always find your way back to somewhere that you know.

You can also trace back along previous workouts that you have recorded using the Timex Global Trainer. When in track back mode the watch will tell you the direction and distance to the next waypoint that you need to cross in order to move onto the next point on the map. This kind of feature is great for long cycle routes but not so good for running as you spend most of your time looking at the watch and don’t concentrate on the running!

Review Mode

In review mode it is possible to view a array of statistics about your workouts. At any one time during your sessions you can view up to four training metrics in a single view. The Timex Global Trainer records a lot more of statistics other than the ones that you can review at any one time and you can see all of these in review mode.

Automatic Lap/Splits and Interval Sessions

There is nothing more annoying that getting half way through an interval session or race and realising that you have forgotten to click of your splits. The auto lap feature means that individual splits can be clicked of as you train and the watch keeps track of how far or for how long you have trained for and counts off the laps accordingly.

Many Timex Global Trainer Reviews on the internet rate the watch for its interval session. You can quickly set up interval sessions at a touch of a button and can set the distance and time as well as the time for recovery in between reps.

Advanced Alerts

Another feature that all Timex Global Trainer Reviews rave about (including this one) is the alerts feature. You can set the watch to alert you with chime if you go above or below certain levels for a variety of different training statistics. Other GPS watches and even other Timex running watches can alert you regarding things like pace, heart rate and speed, but the IronMan Global Trainer is the only watch to alert you concerning altitude and when combined with a cycle sensor can alert you to not only your cadence but your power output as well. It is the ability of the Timex Global Trainer to alert you to these performance metrics as well as just recording them that makes the watch an invaluable and dynamic multi-sport training tool.

Computer Sync

The Timex IronMan Global Trainer can store up to 20 workouts on the watch. If you want to track your long term goals then you need to hook the watch up to your PC and transfer the workouts using the USB cable attached. You can then upload your workouts to the award winning TrainingPeaks software to graphically track all of your past workouts as well as set training goals and plan your future training sessions, meals and share other people’s workouts.


Global Trainer TrainingPeaks

Using the BodyLink system you can also change any setting on the watch using your computer to save fiddling around with the watch controls. This is especially useful when setting up the watch as you will want to configure the Global Trainer to your own personal settings. You can set things like you bike wheel size, heart rate zones and power output as well as making adjustments to the calorie computer to make sure the Timex is accurately recording your expenditure.

Timex IronMan Global Trainer Review

To round up this Timex IronMan Global Trainer Review, the Global Trainer is the most advanced GPS Sports watch ever created. It can track and record over 44 important performance metrics (five more then the closest competitor) and as well as having essential features like GPS tracking of pace, time, speed and distance you can also track cadence and power output on the bike race against yourself using the pacing feature, use the watch as a GPS navigator and even swim or dive with the watch.

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