Asics Gel 3000 Series Running Shoes

Asics Gel 3000, 3010 and 3020

The Asics Gel 3000 series (Gel 3000, Gel 3010 and Gel 3020) has a number of new technical features that provide great support and stability for neutral and over-pronated runners. With extreme comfort and stability in mind the shoe is perfect for new runners and those wishing to increase their mileage whilst protecting their feet from blisters and the typical discomforts of those first time miles/marathons.

Asics 3020 from the Asics 3000 Series

Asics 3020 from the Asics 3000 Series

All Asics running shoes are designed with high abrasion resistant rubber soles, however those that feature the silicone based gel cushioning (like the Asics Gel 3000) absorb the impact forces of the runner more efficiently so stabilise the foot during heel to ground contact. The Asics Gel 3000 also features forefoot gel cushioning, meaning that the loading forces which impact as the foot moves into propulsion are reduced, this helps to improve performance and prevent injury. Best of all, the gel soles last a lot longer than the standard air filled ones as they are more durable so you get your money’s worth!

The double layered memory foam that lines the heel has been specially designed to mould to your heel for a snug and comfortable fit. This is complemented by the ‘Biomorphic’ fit technology used in the upper shoe, preventing any ‘bunching’ of the upper material thus reducing the risk of blisters and irritation by allowing more movement when in motion. The midsole features ‘Solyte’ which is a proprietary cushioning material that provides an exceptionally light midsole and excellent bounce back durability. The shoe also has a built in ‘ComforDry’ sock liner that has been designed specially to optimize cushioning performance  as creates a cooler, drier thus healthier environment for those hard working feet!

Asics 3010 from the Asics 3000 Series

With regards to aesthetics, the shoe comes in a blue and white design and a red and white design – pretty basic with no major style modifications but still a good looking running shoe. The shoe itself weighs just 295 grams and is available in sizes 6-13.

In summary, the Asics Gel 3000 is a great high mileage shoe, due to the extensive gel cushioning in both the forefoot and heel that helps to maintain stability, reinforce bounce and offer great comfort. The specific running technology that Asics encompasses in all of its designs ensures that each shoe features components that encourage your rear, midfoot and forefoot to work together effectively thus ensuring that your body performs in a natural manner when running.


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