Asics GT 2160 Review

Asics GT 2160 Review

Asics Gt 2160 Technology

The popular Asics GT line is back in its 2011 incarnation as the GT 2160. An advanced training shoe for mild to serious pronators, the GT 2160’s are perfect for anyone who requires a strong support shoe that still offers flexibility and durability as well as cushioning.

The Asics GT 2160’s have been updated with Asics’s patented Impact Guidance System that encourages and facilitates the foots transition from heel to toe and makes for a much smoother ride even for those runners with a natural tendency to pronate.

Asics GT 2160

Asics GT 2160

Extra cushioning in the midsole provides an extra later of shock absorption where it is needed most. Road runners will find this feature especially beneficial as it is another layer of protection against shin splints that some runners find is caused from the impact of running on hard surfaces such as roads, tarmac and concrete.

Gel cushioning in both the fore foot and rear foot areas makes the Asics GT 2160 a great training shoe as it offers durable support that is much longer lasting than either air or foam cushioning systems. Extra durability means that you will be able to get more miles for your money before sole deformation or the shoe begins to wear out, meaning the Asics GT 2160 is a great value for money alternative to any top of the line Brooks or New Line Running shoes

Lastly, the ComfortDry Sock Liner is designed to regulate the micro climate within the shoe which helps keep your foot cool and dry in hot conditions. Anyone that trains over long distances will know that keeping your feet dry and cool is the best defence against show stopping blisters and the Comfort Dry Sock Liner is now provided as a standard in all of the high end Asics running trainers.

Asics Gt 2160 Design and Fit

The men’s Asics Gt 2160 is available in three styles – Black Red and White, White and Blue and finally Black. The women’s version is also available in White and Electric Blue. All the designs feature Asics’s patented spider web like design on the outer edge of the shoe and all are equipped with breathable mesh to which allows air to circulate during a run.

The sole of the shoe is equipped with enough grip to ensure that you stay glues to the road, but equally the shoe wouldn’t have problems with dry off road conditions such as trails and paths.

Unlike some other Asics models, the lacing is not Asymmetrical. Asymmetrical lacing is something that Asics have incorporated into some of their other running shoes and they claim it allows the shoe to mode more naturally and minimises the risk of blisters and discomfort from laces rubbing on the roof of the foot during extended periods of running. Many runners disliked this kind of new lacing and it is nice to see that Asics haven’t incorporated it into their new GT 2150 model, opting instead for the conventional lacing that we know and love.

The Asics GT 2160 is equipped with a memory foam heal plug that moulds to the shape of your heel over the course of a few runs and ensures that the shoes fit perfectly to your foot. The heel plug stops the foot moving around inside the shoe when going over rough terrain and minimises irritation as well as providing extra support around the heel to protect against sprained ankles.

Asics GT 2160 Summary

The GT 2160’s are the latest  model in the popular GT series of running shoes. The GT line has been providing pronators with support and cushioning for 17 years and the latest incarnation features the high performing Impact Guidence System which acts to facilitate the fast and efficient movement of the shoe from heel strike to toe off. Combining this with a whole host of cutting edge technology means that the Asics GT 2160 is set to be one of the highest performing road running shoes available for 2011 and as a result the 2160 has picked up the Runners World Trainer Of Choice Award.


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